Weight Loss and Muscle Building Tips

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Weight Loss and Muscle Building Tips are among those of the highly searched topics on the internet. There are over a hundred articles you can see online when you type these keywords in Google. – Weight Loss and Muscle Building are two different topics but they perfectly coincide with one another. Coming from being big, you definitely would not want sagging arms and bulging tummies. You want to get them toned down even a bit so you would look hotter and sexier.
You may not believe it but they vital key for an effective weight loss and the perfect among all muscle building tips lie on one’s food intake. First in line is you need to watch your carb intake. We all know that limiting your intake of carbs will eventually lead to weight loss. But please take note of the word “Limit”. You only have to lessen your intake but not totally eliminate carbs. Because what is not known to many is that proper utilization of carbs lets you absorb protein which is very much necessary for muscle building. Second thing is that while you are limiting your carbs; munch on huge doses of protein. As what is said earlier, protein plays a big part in developing muscles. Examples of high protein foods are lean meat such as chicken and fish, eggs and beans. Lastly, religiously control calories. The reasonable amount of calorie intake per day is approximately 10 times your normal body weight. Don’t worry, it just sound like a lot but it is just enough to cover all you activities in a day.